Инструкция к часам ситизен эко драйв

инструкция к часам ситизен эко драйв
Есть несколько убедительных аргументов: Наш интернет магазин – официальный сайт, занимающийся продажами оригинальных часов Eco Drive. But rather the relatively svelte layout and simple dial. Technologies For any enquires, please refer to FAQ section FAQ For repair and maintenance, please contact us Contact us. Even if the watch isn’t able to sync with an available signal, the quartz movement is still quite accurate. Press and release the lower left button (C) until the date/mode hand indicates a date.This ensures the watch is in the ‘normal’ or time mode.

The limited editions top out the range with a retail price of $650 -$675. The World Perpetual AT range starts at $399, and goes up in increments. There are also leather straps available in most collections. In addition to the standard models, there are two limited edition World Perpetual AT watches available. From sporty to sleek, there is a World Perpetual AT watch for everyone. When the hand is in the orange color block, it indicates a.m. time. Очень удобная навигация по сайту позволит Вам выбрать именно ту модель, которая Вам больше всего по душе. Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive AP0440-14F Diver’s 200 m manufactured in 2000. The 7878 caliber Eco-Drive movement used in this watch can run for up to 180 days on its secondary power cell.

Press the crown in two ‘clicks’ to the closed position next to the case. Press and release the upper right button (B) to move the date/mode hand to the ‘0-SET’ mark ( ) indicated on the dial between 4:00 and 5:00. Press and hold the lower right button (A) to advance the master time hour/minute hands (7:00 sub dial) to the 12:00 midnight position. Perfect blend of classic and modern design View all watch lineups Eco-Drive Super Titanium™ Satellite Wave and Radio-Controlled Technology There is no limit to innovation and improvement in creating a timepiece for people around the globe.

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